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OSCANN: Technical Characterization of a Novel Gaze Tracking Analyzer

Published onAugust 2018
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Eye-movement analysis has grown exponentially in recent decades. The reason is that abnormalities in oculomotor movements are usually symptoms of injuries in the nervous system. This paper presents a novel regulated solution named OSCANN. OSCANN aims at providing an innovative tool for the control, management and visualization of oculomotor neurological examinations. This solution utilizes an eye-tracker sensor based on video electro-oculography (VOG) technology to capture eye movements and store them in video files. Such a sensor can store images at a rate of 100 frames per second. A characterization study was performed using twenty-two volunteers (13 male, 9 female, ages 22–45 years, mean 29.3 years, SD = 6.7) to assess the accuracy and precision specifications of OSCANN during oculomotor movement analysis. The accuracy was evaluated based on the offset, whereas precision was estimated with Root Means Square (RMS). Such a study reported values lower than 0.4 and 0.03 of accuracy and precision, respectively. These results suggest that OSCANN can be considered as a powerful tool to measure oculomotor movement alterations involved in some neurological disease progression.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5855867/

  1. Hernandez, Erik; Hernandez, Santiago; Molina, David; Acebron, Rafael; Garcia Cena, Cecilia E. OSCANN: Technical Characterization of a Novel Gaze Tracking Analyzer SENSORS, 18 (2):10.3390/s18020522 FEB 2018
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