Committed to forge strong, long-lasting partnerships with robotics and medical departments.

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Early and accurate diagnosis tools for a wide range of highly prevalent disorders.

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Companion for rehabilitation physicians and therapists boosting efficiency and productivity for the better of their patients.

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Committed Medtech

We are a creative and committed team with a unique vision about how medical diagnosis, processes and treatments should be: accessible to everyone.

We pursue this vision by creating innovative and affordable medical robotic solutions that are efficient, straightforward and doctor-friendly.

We are here to provide tools for pioneers who want to be sure that they are offering the best medical services to their patients. Our responsibility with society drives us to develop advanced medical robotic solutions that go hand in hand with brilliant, forward looking professionals.

We are proud to be supported by:


What we do

We develop cutting-edge medical robotic solutions

AURA is currently focused in two specific domains: smart diagnostic tools and rehabilitation aides.



OSCANN is a diagnosis platform that combines the analysis of ocular and oculocephalic movements (OM/OCM) with data obtained from other sources (clinical histories, medical explorations, complementary trials and biomarkers) that will help the physician to improve significantly the quality of early-stage assessments for many neurological and mental disorders.


Our Aproach

Robots are making advances in many areas of healthcare and medicine, and the most popular vision is that of surgical robots. However, AURA is focused in diagnostic tools.

Currently, AURA is engaged in two encouraging medical robotic products:

OSCANN will combine neuroscience with artificial intelligence to assist the physician, with the option to upload data from their practice (assured anonymity and privacy) to a cloud-based application to create a rich bio-marker database for the medical community.

Nowadays, diagnostic processes for these ailments rely on diverse clinical trials that are lengthy and prone to misdiagnosis. This causes delays in the prescription of treatments while in most cases the condition of the patients deteriorates; delays can be as long as 3 to 5 years. All of this significantly increases the burden on already financially stressed healthcare systems.

ORTE will integrate virtual reality with the rehabilitation robot, expanding the range of therapy by combining entertainment with task-oriented exercises for the patient, enhancing motivation and the effects of physical treatment.

An increasing demand for rehabilitation services coupled with staff shortages translates into escalating waiting times and poor performance. Besides, there is ample evidence that rehab is most effective when the patient is totally focused on the exercises; repetitive movements performed by the patient without concentration are ineffective.

Our products are designed with three main persons in mind: medical institution, physician and patient.

Patients (and their close relatives) get the most direct value: they will have a higher probability of being rightly diagnosed at an early stage of their condition and thus get ahead with proper treatment that retards or suppress the most adverse symptoms.

Physicians get value from prescribing more effectively at the onset of the treatment and from saving their time as we are presented with results in a precise and user-friendly manner. They will also be able to treat more patients with the assistance of our medical robotic solutions.

• The medical institution, be it a unit of the national health system or a department of a private medical center, is going to get value from a significant decrease in the average cost of the diagnostic process, and from savings accrued through better and more precise treatments prescribed at an early stage.

One key strength of AURA is its close association with medical practitioners, helping us to focus our attention on front line problems and to operate under a clinical pull instead of a technological push. AURA will continue to forge strong and long term agreements with robotics and medical departments at universities and research centers so as to continuously develop new medical robotic solutions. These will address efficiently some of the needs of our increasingly strained health systems, with an eye to the needs of those in the financially constrained developing countries.

AURA’s team includes engineers with expertise in automation, robotics and software, and also experienced physicians and neurologists applying the best of their knowledge to design cost effective medical robotic solutions.

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