OSCANN is a diagnosis plataform that combines the analyisis of ocular and oculocephalic movements (OM/OCM) with data obtained from other sources (clinical histories, medical explorations, complementary trials and biomarkers) that will help the physician to improve significantly the quality of medical assessments in early stages for many neurological and mental disorders.


OSCANN will allow for a functional non-invasive test of short duration to perform, in combination with other valuable clinical data, studies of disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, fetal alcohol disorder, Parkinson’s disease, parkinsonism, ataxia, dementia, cognitive, impairments and others, and to evaluate parameters to rule out comorbid conditions.



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It is a low cost, easy to use and portable device that do not need additional equipment, and provides doctors early diagnose these neurological and mental disorders.


With Oscann the probability of right prognosis in the primary care practice or in the emergency room will be, in some cases, up to 50% higher than with current praxis.

The probability of false negatives in diagnosis in early stages will be notably reduced, contributing to focus medical efforts from the onset on the correct disease and its specific treatment.

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