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Based on our interview data and the review of the literature, we can conclude that a priority for our customers – neurologists and psychiatrists – is the early and accurate diagnosis of neurological disorders allowing timely treatments and better prognosis. This is true for doctors specialized in conditions like ADHD, Parkinson, parkinsonism, vertigo, alzheimer, ataxia, …

AURA’s OSCANN is a diagnosis platform for this type of disorders based on the analysis of eye movements, which are a complex output of the Nervous System (NS)

Instrumental eye movement analysis can be really useful in clinical setting; this technique provides physicians with accurate measures of the different eye movements (saccades, nystagmus, smooth pursuit, vestibulocular reflex) and related parameters (gain, velocity, accuracy, phase, …) that cannot be estimated by simple clinical examination.

Moreover, data acquired through instrumental eye movement examination and other clinical data can be analysed by new data mining and artificial intelligence techniques to increase our ability to discriminate precisely between different neurological diseases.

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